Dream or Decision

Our passions define us. They help us dream. They help us hope. They give us direction. They give us ideals. 

But…if we don’t go after them…they just sit there taunting us…crippling us…leaving us with excuses like should have, would have, and could have. What makes some people have the strength to achieve their dreams while others standby watching them do it? Confidence? Ambition? Motivation? Luck?

There may be a little of these mixed up in all succeeders…but more than anything it comes down to a decision. Today, I am going to change the habits in my life. I am going to become disciplined in a focused direction. I am going to put distractions aside. I am going to avoid procrastination. I am going to believe I am capable of accomplishing the task put before me…my vision, my dream, my purpose. Today is the day that nothing is going to stop me!

Once that decision is made…your dream becomes a part of your reality.  It may build slowly, or it may explode, but concentrated and consistent effort in the same direction in a disciplined way will move you from being a dreamer to making dreams happen.

Action Step: If there is one thing in this world that you want to be remembered for, what is it? What is holding you back from making that dream a reality? What barriers do you need to do to remove so that you can decide to make that dream a reality? Dream BIG and then do it!